Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I hate this feeling

In the end i still run back to u.i hate it wen u ignore me.i hate the way you dont care.i hate it wen u say ttyl busy now but yet i'm so stupid i'd still want u.i m the dumbest bimbo in the world.slap me

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

so empty....

Why all i can feel is emptiness today???Whats going wrong in my nutcase huh?reli feel so vexed over such dilemma....too much to worry with too little time...how do i cope?i'll get over this ordeal but how long is it gonna take?
so empty.....and how cum?too lonely?too confined in my room?why in the world would i feel this way?long for a company?maybe....or maybe not..need my gals?i have no idea....homesick?probably....if only a doctor can examing and diagnose me ......